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2023 Referral Marketing Strategy 1) Create Your Brand 2) Build Your Network 3) Serve Your Community

About Us

LEARNin LIVE Business Networking creates communities of like-minded, socially "response-able" individuals and organizations committed to creating a positive impact for others in and around the world by creating experiences and events to connect local community investors and local service professionals.

Why Join Us

The "Virtual" events business is expected to grow 10x from $78B in 2016 to $774B in 2030.  Don't let your business get left behind!

This Mighty Network is a business resource which supports Local Community Investors (LCIs), people who invest in their local area.  We help their businesses prosper, so their own communities can prosper.

We do this is by finding professionals in cities and towns all over the United States who contribute their time and expertise to participate in experiences and events that inspire, educate and empower others.

To join our network, apply via the "Request to Join" button at the top of this page.

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